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December, 2017

Activity – Mock ‘WHO’ World Diabetes Day And World Aids Day

Activity – Mock ‘WHO’ World Diabetes Day and World Aids Day

Embedding international learning within the school’s culture is the key to deepening students' understanding and respect for the world around them.

World Diabetes Day, on 14 November and World Aids Day, on 1 December every year, have grown from humble beginnings to become globally-celebrated events which increase awareness about the diseases diabetes and aids.

The momentous day, Friday, 29 December in Maxfort School, Rohini is marked with the special morning assembly, musical delight, zumba dance exercise, poster making activity and power point presentations. It proved undoubtedly effective in spreading the message about diabetes and aids as well as raised awareness for the conditions.

A comparative study of different diseases in India, US, and UK has been done by the talented students of Class VIII and Cleanliness Projects were prepared including the information about the diseases, causes, symptoms, prevention and measures.

It was a special and refreshing day for all to bring out the positive change in the outlook of present generation and a humble way to show the importance of good health in living a successful life.

The function commenced with the remembrance of the Almighty followed by the rejuvenating thought for the day. The students beautifully sang a song “Health is Wealth” and a short skit “Sweet Poison” was performed with great zeal and enthusiasm. The active participation of all the students of classes VI – XI along with the facilitators in ‘Zumba’ exercise made the event runaway hit and successful.

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  • "If you fail to achieve your Dreams, Change your ways, not your Principles.Trees change their leaves and not their roots."

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