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December, 2017

Theatrical Fest (William Shakespeare) (2017-18) Class VII

Theatrical Fest (William Shakespeare) (2017-18)    			                 Class VII

It’s a well known fact that William Shakespeare, a legacy, led not only to the development of drama and literature, but to language, to thoughts and ideas.

Class VII students werehonored to showcase a splendid theatrical extravaganza-‘The Merchant Of Venice’ on 27 November, 2017, thereby eulogizing the life of the man of theatre and appreciating the beauty, style and rhythm of his prose and poetry.

The event started with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony followed by a platonic beginning with the Welcome song and then the expression of the words of wisdom by principal ma’am, thereby welcoming the gathering of the proud parents of the young Maxfortians.

It also included the collected expertise gathered there in the form of various presentations like mesmerising dance performances, skit presentation, musical delight to feed  the  souls  with the creative extravaganza.

The event rejuvenated the august gathering and made them sink into the depth of movements, figures and mesmerising formations, thereby engrossing them to the core and the play had an inspirational impact on the audience.

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