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November, 2017

Grandparents’ Day Celebration

Grandparents’ Day Celebration

A special bond, laughter, unconditional love and wonderful blessings – all these emotions and feelings are cherished with our grand angels as “a special piece of our hearts”. A grand Grandparents’ Day celebration was held in Maxfort School, Rohini on Saturday, 24th November 2017 in the school premises. It was a special day for all to bring out the positive change in the outlook of present generation and a humble way for letting grandparents know their irreplaceable role in our lives.

Grandparents play an imperative role in the life of every child. They are the child’s support and their best friends. They pamper the kids more than the parents themselves and leave a lasting impression in child’s life. So it was the appropriate time to felicitate and honour the grandparents.

The function commenced with welcoming the grandparents followed by “Ganesh Vandana”. The students beautifully sang a song especially for their grandparents.

The students of class I performed the skit which was followed by a dance presentation. Various games were organised in which grandparents participated with great zeal and could remember their childhood days. The grandparents who were announced as the winners of the game were greeted with gifts which brought a twinkle in their eyes. Appropriate music and enthusiastic grandparent-grandchild combination made the event runaway hit with all those present.
After this, our respected Principal ma’am addressed the august gathering with a welcoming tone. The general mood was one of exultation and everyone seemed truly happy. There was overwhelming response of grandparents as they were thrilled and delighted while watching their grandchildren performing on the stage.
It was a successful event indeed, and Maxfort School as always would be pleased to organize many more such events.

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  • "If you fail to achieve your Dreams, Change your ways, not your Principles.Trees change their leaves and not their roots."

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