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October, 2017

Spell Bee Activity (2017-18) Class VI

Spell Bee Activity (2017-18)    			                     Class VI

Its well said that language is a vital part of understanding life and enjoying it to the fullest.


Maxfort  has always been brimming with enthusiasm to steer towards an all round development of the young learners and aims to provide a suitable platform to expressone’s knowledge .One of the attempts in this direction included the Spell Bee Activity held on 24 October ,2017.

The competitionprovided an opportunity to the young minds to be prompt in their thinking and was suitably judged according to their knowledge of the basic spellings.

The contestants included the young and the talented students of Class VI .The students participated in the activity enthusiastically.

Many students came out with flying colours. These students included  Gauri Paliwal and Pranavi Khattar  from class VI A, Riddhima Dayal and Ashmit Mishra from VI B, Aanya and Aruna  from VI C,  Siddharth and Suvan Malhotra  from VI D and   Saanvi Wahal,Kashvi Agrawal  and Himanshi Singhla from VI E.

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