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September, 2017

NAVRAS - The Essence Of Emotions

NAVRAS - The Essence of Emotions

Rasa (aesthetics) denotes an essential mental state and the dominant emotional theme of the primary feeling that is evoked in any person that views, reads or hears. According to Indian culture, rasa is fundamental to many forms of Indian art including dance, music, musical theatre, cinema and literature. A wonderful and energetic extravaganza “NAVRASThe essence of emotions” was conducted by the students of class III on Thursday, 7 September 2017 in the school premises.There are nine rasa known as 'Navras' in the Indian culture, the nine emotions of life which we all have experienced somewhere deep within our hearts but have often failed to ‘feel’ them.These are -- love, laughter, anger, compassion, disgust, horror, heroic mood, wonder and peace. The program commenced with the lighting of lamp followed by a prayer song. The latent talent inherent in all the students was showcased by participating in various skits depicting shringar ras, veer ras, karuna ras by the students of class III-C and III-F. The students of class III -B and III -E started with shant ras, raudra ras, vibastha ras and the students of class III -A and III -D performed on adhbut ras, hasya ras, bhayanak ras. The audience was overwhelmed with all the performances that touched their heart and soul intensely.

As theatreis a conscience which awakes our spirit, it painted the canvas of life in various moods and expressions and enabled students to experience the ‘navras’ of life in all dimensions.

It has indeed provided the students an outlet for their emotions, a platform for their talent and most importantly, an opportunity to grow more beautiful and understanding being while playing different roles. It has empowered the children to look at the world from someone else’s perspective.

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