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September, 2017

Intra Class Basket Ball Activity (2017-18) Class X

Intra Class Basket Ball Activity (2017-18)    			                 Class X

It’s a well known fact that sports leads to a great transformation of our physical and mental health.It is also an act of joy.The various sports events inculcate within us the spirit to face and to accept challenges on the wider platform of life.

Maxfort  has always endeavoured to prepare its young learners for the platform of life.One of the attempts in this direction included the Intra class Basket Ball activity conducted on 28 August,2017,for the students of class X.

 Basketball is a team game played on a court.  Each five-person team attempts to throw or dunk an inflated ball into the opponent's basket, which is mounted on a backboard that is ten feet above the floor.  The International Basketball Federation(FIBA) is the recognized governing body for basketball world wide

The participants included the young and agile students of Class X.

The students participated in the event enthusiastically,thereby keeping in consideration the rules and regulations of the event with its suitable details.The winners are- Saloni Bansal,Chhavi Dhir,Ashima Kohli,Naman lalwani,Saksham Budhiraja,Karan of classX-A.Prachi Gupta, Khushi Maggo,Muskan Bhatnagar,Udhav Pal,Srijan Mohan, Ayush Dabas of class X-B. Sehaj Aggarwal,tamanna Jain, Sukriti Kalra,Agrim Suri, Saimann Dhingra,Siddharth Mittal of class X-C.Anvi Gupta,Yana Gupta,Khushi Narang,Dhruv Mason,Sanchit Jindal,Ameer Hamza of class X-D.

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