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Education of Children with Special Needs


For life to go on—change is inevitable. Change is never easy especially when it involves a large number of children and an established system. Yet change is necessary when innovative practices demonstrate greater effectiveness than past services.


Our motto at Maxfort School is to Imagine, Believe and Achieve


Special Education/ Counselling: A service, not a place


The Special Education or Counselling department of Maxfort School, Rohini works collaboratively with school teachers, students, and parents to provide the tools, guidance, support, and services needed to ensure access and success of students with special needs. The services are provided in variety of ways: direct instruction, co-teaching, consultation as identified on the student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan).


Our Initiatives


We incorporate several features to ensure success while working with children with special need based on their unique educational needs, children with learning disabilities, autism or slow learners, are provided an educational environment with one or more of the several features:


  • We prepare IEP (Individualized Education Plan) according to their needs and we also focus on progress profile to determine the impact of service model on student’s growth.
  • Additional time and a suitable mode for the successful completion of tests.
  • Provision of adapted, modified, or alternative activities, assignments   and assessments.                             
  • Accessible texts and materials to suit their age and level of learning;
  • Provision of additional support by using AV Aids i.e. (Audio Visual Aids).


Maxfort Rohini stands committed to providing Quality Education, facilitated by a strong backup support in the form of qualified and committed professionals who empower every Maxfortian in the true sense.


Guidance and Counselling Department

Maxfort School, Rohini

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