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“ The things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them”. Aristotle


The school has excellent professionally grooms faculty and Four State- Of- Art labs for students to carry out experiments, take up projects that help to create scientific temperament and achieve pragmatic objectivity through hands on experience at an early age.


Integrated General science lab


The well designed integrated lab is indeed a treat to the eye. The qualified staff and attendants in the labs promote the skill of observation, experimentation and analysis and thus supplements the text book.


Physics Lab


The physics lab is equipped with latest apparatus required by students to carry out wide range of experiments and to take up extended projects.


Chemistry Lab


The well equipped chemistry lab has sufficient stock of chemicals and spacious work stations for students to carry out the experiment independently without getting disturbed. A separate space is crated for keeping the potentially hazardous chemicals.  The lab is fitted with latest safety equipment to prevent accidents.


Biology Lab


With all the modern equipments the biology lab of the school is designed in a way to facilitate group as well as individual activity there by encouraging investigative, analytical and reasoning skill among learners.


Psychology Laboratory


The Department of Psychology strives to provide students with sound preparation in the subject with appropriate literature, sources and presentations. Stress is laid on the foundation of discipline which provides students with experiential and theoretical knowledge so that students can comprehend psychological, social and biological perspective underlying behaviour. With the help of various psychological assessment tools students are able to practice the clinical aspects of psychology. In a way students will be able think critically where they integrate psychological theory and research into solutions to solve social problems.


Home Science lab


A well equipped home science lab provides opportunity to our young chefs to explore and experiment with a variety of food stuff and hone their culinary skills.

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  • "Study like there’s no tomorrow because if you keep putting off your studies for tomorrow, you’ll probably be too late"

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