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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is followed at this stage. Emphasis is laid on activity based learning. Performance at this stage is assessed using various evaluation techniques

The scope of evaluation in schools extends to almost all the areas of learners’ personality development. It should include both scholastic and co-scholastic areas, i.e. it should be comprehensive in nature. This is in line with the goals of education. Evaluation is continuous and reveals the strengths and weaknesses of learners more frequently, so that the learners have better opportunity to understand and improve themselves. It also provides feedback to the teachers for modifying their teaching strategies.

In view of getting a complete picture of the child’s learning, assessment should focus on the learner’s ability to:

  • Learn and acquire desired skills related to different subject areas
  • Acquire a level of achievement in different subject areas in the requisite measure
  • Develop child’s individual skills, interests, attitudes and motivation
  • Understand and lead a healthy and productive life
  • Monitor the changes taking place in child’s learning, behavior and progress over a period of time
  • Respond to different situations and opportunities both in and out of school
  • Apply what is learnt in a variety of environment, circumstances and situations
  • Work independently, collaboratively and harmoniously
  • Analyze and evaluate
  • Be aware of social and environmental issues
  • Participate in social and environmental projects
  • Retain what is learned over a period of time

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